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1. Remove all items from open pockets.

2. When wearing light clothes wear protective clothing.

3. Pärnu Kardikeskus is not responsible for dirty clothes.

4. The accelerator pedal is on the right and the brake pedal is on the left.

5. Start driving slowly to get familiar with the vehicle and track.

6. Leaving the vehicle while being on the track is forbidden.

7. If you get stuck on the track, lift your feet off the pedals and turn the front wheels with both hands.

8. In the event of a technical failure, drive to the pit area immediately. If this is not possible, raise your

hand and wait for the instructor.

9. After the checkered flag, drive the last lap and quietly enter the pit area.

10. Any claims made after the race will NOT be refunded.

11. Pärnu Kardikeskus is not responsible for any personal belongings.

12. Pumping into track boundaries will be fined €5.

13. In the event of a collision the race will be suspended and will NOT be refunded. 

14. Any damage to the vehicle will be compensated by the racer (customer).


sinine lipp.png

let the driver behind past

duo lipp.png


must lipp.png

you are disqualified


the last round started

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